Understanding Your Dental Insurance

Dental consumers are confused with their dental insurance. That is because what they expect it to do is not actually what it is set up to do.

Most people equate the word insurance with the concept of protection however dental insurance is set up to be a partial reimbursement plan or a dental perk. This dental contract is set up between an employer and an insurance company. Depending on what benefits the employer is willing to pay, the benefit is passed onto the employee. The insurance company then will pay for part (sometimes all in cases of preventive procedures) of the service provided by the dentist and the employee will be expected to pay for the remainder of the dental service provided. In most cases there are yearly deductibles that need to be paid before any reimbursement from the insurance company and there is almost always a yearly maximum benefit level. To make matters worse, these maximum benefits have not change much over the past 25 years.

We often tell patient to view their employer sponsored dental plan (insurance) as a partial reimbursement benefit and not insurance like they have come to expect with auto and homeowners insurances.

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